Global Presence
Global Presence

Globalization has introduced Tahini into a growing number of households and food industries throughout the world, who now recognize the benefits of natural and nutritious food as a means of maintaining a healthy diet.

Our raw Tahini - renowned for its quality, high nutritional value and flavor, is a key ingredient incorporated into a variety of chilled salads, of which Hummus is the most widely recognized – consisting mainly of chickpeas and Tahini.

As the ‘Eat Healthy’ trend sweeps across the globe new markets open and the demand for natural Tahini steadily increases. Prince Tahina LTD. Is now amongst the world’s largest and most advanced Tahini manufacturers, joining forces with salad manufacturers, regional distributors and leading marketing chains in the local and international markets.

We are now looking to expand and incorporate our healthy Tahina into a growing number of fresh, chilled food products as a raw material. Our Tahini is also sold as a stand alone product designated for the private consumer.

Our strategy is to increase our global distribution and expand our sales to the industrial and consumer sectors alike. In 2010 alone over 30% of our produce was exported to markets in a large number of developed countries.

Our expanding markets span the globe.