A Family Tradition
Family TraditionA long time ago, 23 years to be exact, two young brothers, Afif and Isa who grew up in a village in the Galilee, had a dream to produce Tahini, a much loved staple of the family diet. They started manufacturing 500kg Tahini a day selling it locally. The rest, as people like to say, is history…

Prince Tahina Ltd. is, to date, among the largest manufacturers of premium Tahini, its products, including Organic Tahini, Tahina Paste / Sauce, sold worldwide.

Achieving such phenomenal success is possible only if love, care and respect for tradition dwell alongside commitment to excellence.  Afif and Isa's ongoing, untiring personal involvement in every stage of Tahini production, from the selection of the choice sesame seeds to the final product enabled their dream to become a reality.